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Already a Restaurant?

The biggest obstacle families face when eating out at a restaurant is the current cost structure of paying per meal. A $10 meal becomes an expensive option for a family of 6, over $60. To work around this expense, families buy A LOT of cheap pizza for under $20. But no one wants to eat fast food and chain food pizza all the time! Meanwhile, budget conscious families search the internet where there are 100’s of recipes which feed a family of 6 for $2-$3. Our mission is for food vendors (i.e., restaurants, food trucks and caterers) to prepare these $2-$3 recipes and offer family meal options for under $20.

Food vendors who sign up with FamilyGrab list their family-sized meal items ($20 or under) on our website. There are NO hidden fees and you can cancel at any time. FamilyGrab offers a 2 month long FREE trial period during which your meal(s) are available on our website for customers to see, and we begin advertising for you! Your food will be added to our advertising campaigns and featured on our social media accounts. After the 2 month free trial a flat fee of $35 per month is implemented. We do NOT take portions of your sales from our website. It really is only $35 a month for up to 3 meal listings!

When FamilyGrab users click on your listed menu item they will be directed to your website for purchase or view your phone number to call in an order. This gives you another opportunity to offer customers additional items such as drinks, desserts, or other menu sides. Often once the kids are fed on a budget, the adults may order some extras for themselves!

Thank you for your time and we are excited to help YOU sell more. Email us with any questions or feedback at

*We support local businesses and do not work with fast food franchises.

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